Liquid soap

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Sterisol ULTRA Liquid Soap

Sterisol ULTRA Liquid Soap

ULTRA Liquid Soap is a synthetically formulated soap designed for individuals with sensitive skin

Sterisol SENSE Liquid Soap

Sterisol SENSE Liquid Soap

Thanks to its properties, SENSE Liquid Soap is particularly suitable for use in facilities where maintaining excellent hygiene is crucial. For example, in healthcare and care settings.

Sterisol ÄKTA Liquid Soap

Sterisol ÄKTA Liquid Soap

A truly excellent soap that combines high hygiene effectiveness with gentle ingredients


Sterisol ULTRA Hair & Body

ULTRA Hair & Body is a shower soap for gentle and effective cleansing of the entire body.


Sterisol ULTRA Shower Soap

ULTRA Shower Soap is a gentle and effective shower soap for cleansing the entire body.


Sterisol ORIGINAL Hand Cleanser

ORIGINAL Hand Cleanser is a highly effective soap that is suitable for stubborn dirt on the hands.


Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser

SUPER Hand Cleanser is an effective industry soap that does not harm the skin's natural barrier function.

Sterisol Sweden Flytande Tvål

Sterisol Sweden Liquid Soap

Sterisol Sweden Liquid Soap is a mild soap of high quality and the fragrance is carefully selected to feel pleasant and natural.


Sterisol Sweden Shower

Sterisol Sweden Shower is a mild body and hair shower gel.