Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser


SUPER Hand Cleanser is an effective industry soap that does not harm the skin's natural barrier function. It contains vegetable oils that both dissolve dirt and moisturize the skin. SUPER Hand Cleanser also contains an abrasive agent that helps mechanically scrub away stubborn impurities. Therefore, it is highly suitable for use in environments where contact with dirt, oil, and other hard-to-clean substances is common.

In the development of this product, our research and development department has used natural ingredients as much as possible. Therefore, the abrasive agent is derived from parts of the corn plant. SUPER Hand Cleanser is available in both mildly scented and fragrance-free options.

The product is part of the Sterisol System, which uses airtight pouches to eliminate the need for added preservatives in this particular product. The pouches are easy to replace, and the dispenser is easy to clean, simplifying maintenance for the facility.

For Ingredients and specifications, see Product Data Sheet

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Product name
Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser 250ml
Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser 2,5


Product name
Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser 2,5