Skincare at the forefront since 1977

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Sterisol started with a milestone already when the company was founded in 1977. That's when we launched the market's first disposable soap system - Sterisol System, with the well-known "blue bag" that is just as innovative and clever today as it was then.

Behind the blue dispenser with its unique airtight dosing valve, there were several years of development, and above all a strong drive to improve the daily lives of all people who need to wash their hands at work. By creating an airtight and bacteria-proof system, Sterisol could offer liquid soap without preservatives and other additives that can irritate the skin and cause allergies and eczema. The Sterisol System also revolutionized waste reduction as the packaging is almost 100% emptied, which significantly reduces environmental impact compared to other types of packaging.  

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In the historic town of Vadstena, there is a factory where the future is in focus, and the view is of clean water.

The Factory and the People in Vadstena

Even though our products are available in about 25 countries worldwide, the Sterisol factory is still located in Vadstena, on the shore of Lake Vättern. Here we develop and manufacture almost all of our products from scratch, and we quality test them before, during, and after production to ensure they meet our standards. Sustainability for people, the environment, and our business is our main focus, and those of us who work here stand behind these principles. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the environment, quality, or caring for each other.

In our cafeteria, you can find office workers, factory employees, and the occasional lab coat during lunchtime, all in a cozy atmosphere with an Östergötland dialect buzzing in the air. There is a strong sense of community and team spirit that has been built up over the decades by having our headquarters, development, and factory in the same location. All of this gives us the ability to achieve as much as much larger suppliers with our small organization of about 40 people.

Employees in a laboratory.

Taking Responsibility for our Environment

We have perhaps the most beautiful view from the factory windows in Sweden's manufacturing industry. Perhaps it's both the stunning view and the proud Sterisol spirit that makes many employees stay for a long time, and why new ones are eager to join us. But being close to the water also means responsibility and commitment to our surroundings. That's why we are members of the Vättern Conservation Association, so that we can help ensure the good water supply and ecosystems in our local area. In our own operations, we drive a comprehensive environmental work that is truly noticeable in our products. It's what allows us to offer the best possible skincare - for our customers and their employees, for the environment, and for the future.

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