Sterisol supports the goals of Agenda 2030

A truck on a road in a green landscape.

We work in several ways to contribute to the global goals of Agenda 2030. The goals below are our priority and guiding principle in everything we do.

Goal 3 for Sustainability

Goal 3

Good Health and Well-Being

By developing high-quality and effective products, we contribute to good health, well-being, and sustainable work life while minimizing the spread of infections. With our holistic approach to skin health, we drive an active agenda to combat eczema, allergies, and dry skin.

Goal 4 for Sustainability

Goal 4

Quality education

We value education highly and believe that inclusive and equitable education is the key to a more sustainable world. To contribute to this, we have created a culture of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing that is integrated into our operations.

Goal 15 for Sustainability

Goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials. We are aware of the importance of using production methods and technologies that have minimal environmental impact and ensure that our production processes are as energy-efficient as possible. By using technology that reduces energy consumption and utilizes environmentally friendly alternatives, we can contribute to creating more sustainable and eco-friendly products and solutions.

Goal 13 for Sustainability

Goal 13

Climate Action

We increase awareness among our stakeholders about how the right choice of skincare and consumable products contributes to mitigating climate change. Our products are made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, which helps reduce climate impact. The skincare solutions we produce actively contribute to reducing our own and our customers' carbon footprint.