Skin Care System for Healthcare

A female nurse wearing blue scrubs looking out through the window


Where hygiene can be life-saving

Sterisol's products are developed to work together and form a sustainable skin care system that promotes a healthy working environment. The products protect, clean, and restore the skin - that's what we call Skin Care at Work. Many suffer from dry skin, and eczema is currently the most common skin disease. Wet work and handling of chemicals are risk factors for this. With our range of skin creams, you can care for and protect your skin from strains. All our liquid soaps are available as fragrance-free, which is important from an allergy perspective.

Surgeons are washing their hands before surgery


Protect, clean, and restore the skin

In an industry where hygiene can be life-saving, you often need to both wash and disinfect the skin. Sterisol has over 40 years of experience in providing skin care to workplaces where hygiene is paramount. In healthcare, when there is no visible dirt, disinfection often provides the best result.

Sterisol's hand disinfection is available in various formats, with nourishing and moisturizing additives to prevent skin dryness. For handwashing, we recommend our ÄKTA Liquid Soap approved by the high standard test according to EU Standard EN1499. In this test, it has been shown to remove 99.9% of the tested microorganisms. This means that it has a reliably documented effect.

Washing hands under running wate