Skincare for industries and manufacturing

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Tough on dirt, gentle on the skin

The industry is a sector that puts a lot of strain on the skin. There is also a great need for washing and cleaning. Depending on the level of dirt in your work, you may need to wash more frequently and thoroughly. With dirt and frequent washing, there is a great need to protect and moisturize the hands to keep them healthy throughout a whole working life. The choice of skincare system in a workplace is therefore an important part of the working environment. Sterisol has over 40 years of experience in delivering skincare to industries. The range includes everything from liquid soap for lighter dirt, to ORIGINAL Hand Cleanser, and SUPER Hand Cleanser with friction agents for tougher jobs. Sterisol always offers effectiveness without drying out the hands. With the hand cream Luphenil, a two-in-one product that both protects and nourishes, your skin gets both protection against external stressors as well as a moisturizing and re-fattening effect.

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A customer case filled with experiences and know-how from the mining and metal industry.

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Part of our business idea

Sterisol System is a unique packaging solution that uses airtight bags instead of bottles. This allows us to offer most of our products without preservatives, but also helps our customers minimize their plastic consumption. Since our bags are very durable and thin, it can reduce plastic consumption by up to 80%. Most of our products are also eco-labeled with the Swan label.

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Service and maintenance

Thanks to the Sterisol System and our functional dispensers, we can create value for our industrial customers. The dispensers can be used with various refill products of the same format, and you can quickly see which one is in use as the front is transparent. This also reduces maintenance time - there is no need to open the dispenser to check if the bag needs to be replaced! We offer customized solutions for our industrial customers, and with over 40 years of experience and personalized service, we make our mark.

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