Hygiene products for swimming and sports facilities

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Comfort and health

Keeping a swimming pool clean and fresh is a major challenge that requires equipment, chemicals, processes, time, and personnel. Chlorine is considered the best agent for disinfecting pool water, but the more contaminated the water is, the more chlorine is needed to purify it. In recent years, this has been recognized as a occupational health problem for personnel in swimming halls as byproducts from chlorine can cause problems in the eyes and respiratory system. If the pool guests are clean when they enter the pool, the conditions are better for reducing chlorine levels, and there is also potential for reducing cleaning and water costs.

During wet work and chemical handling, the risk of dryness, eczema, and allergies is greater than in other types of work. It is important to protect, clean, and restore the skin for the well-being of the work environment and employees.

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Products that can truly make a difference

Sterisol offers products that can truly make a difference for swimming pools. The Sterisol System is based on collapsible pouch packaging and smart dispensers with an emptying degree of approximately 99%. Our dispensers have a transparent front, allowing for quick scanning to see which refills need to be replaced. Sterisol offers, among other things, the size 2.5 liters, which is also the most popular among swimming halls. The system minimizes plastic consumption and the time required to change packaging. Since the Sterisol System is airtight and bacteria-tight, no preservative is required, which is otherwise a factor in the occurrence of allergies and eczema.

ULTRA Hair & Body provides a hygienic wash for both body and hair, and with its mild scent and soft texture, it is also attractive from a user perspective. Within the Sterisol System, there is also ÄKTA Liquid Soap for highly effective hand washing. It is approved in accordance with EU Standard EN1499 and in tests has been shown to remove 99.9% of the tested microorganisms. To take care of the skin, we also offer creams specifically designed to protect and restore it.

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