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Silver in the EcoVadis

Effective Tips for Removing Tough Dirt from Hands and Preventing Skin Irritation - Expert Advice


Effective tips for removing tough dirt from your hands without irritating the skin. Learn how to avoid skin irritation through frequent washing and maximize the effectiveness of your hand cleanser. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve complete cleanliness without damaging the skin.

Silver in the EcoVadis

Now we are minimizing the packaging and assembly material even more


Since our start in 1977, we at Sterisol have always worked to streamline our packaging solutions and offer the most sustainable design possible. It's in our nature! We also continuously strive to improve our products and make them even more sustainable for people, the environment, and organizations. We want our customers to be able to use our successes as their own.

Silver in the EcoVadis

Sterisol has received Silver in the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating


Sterisol has received Silver in the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating, and the assessment has shown that we belong to the 90th percentile within our category. Therefore, we are part of the top 10% ranking. We are happy with the result but we continue to work purposefully to become even more sustainable!

A dispenser with liquid soap

This is how you assemble and change the refill in Sterisol's classic 0.7l dispenser - watch the instructional video!


With Sterisol Systems' classic 0.7l dispenser, changing the refill bag is easy and convenient for all purposes. Whether it's for soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, shower gel, or industrial soap. Watch our instructional video to discover how simple it actually is to assemble and replace the refill bags. Enjoy a worry-free use of your Sterisol dispenser while continuing to do your part in taking care of our planet.

Production of soap at Sterisol's factory

Join us behind the scenes of Sterisol Systems' unique production in Vadstena


Join us behind the scenes of Sterisol Systems' unique production in Vadstena and discover our innovative approach to creating naturally sustainable products. In our latest video, you'll see how we fill our products at high temperatures, eliminating the need for preservatives in most of our products. This is just one of the many ways we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Watch the video now for a captivating glimpse into Swedish, sustainable skincare production!

A happy woman wearing a white lab coat in a factory

Professional and environmentally friendly skincare and hygiene solutions for your business - welcome to our world of expertise!


With expert experience in the skincare industry since 1977, we are known for delivering professional and sustainable skincare and hygiene solutions for workplaces. We are proud to protect both people and the environment while ensuring a clean and safe work life. Watch our branding video and let us become your trusted partner in skincare and hygiene needs for your business!

 A black dispenser mounted on a white tiled wall

See how easy it is to replace the refill in the Sterisol Ecoline dispenser - watch the instructional video!


Simplify your everyday life with the Sterisol Ecoline dispenser 0.375l. Install and replace refills with ease, for soap, hand sanitizer, moisturiser and shower gel! Watch our instructional video and discover how simple it actually is!

En dispenser med handsprit

Assemble and change the refill bag in Sterisol System 2.5L - Watch our instructional video


With Sterisol Systems' robust 2.5L dispenser, you always have plenty of soap or shower gel close at hand.The replacement of the refill bag has never been easier - whether it's for industrial soap or any other purpose. Watch our instructional video and discover how seamless and straightforward it actually is to assemble the dispenser and change the refill bag in this holder. For a convenient and sustainable use of Sterisol Systems dispenser in your workplace.

A cardboard torn into two pieces

Now we are implementing cassette efficiency and minimizing packaging material!


At Sterisol, we are committed to making a difference for our planet.We are proud to have carried out an efficient cassette optimization, which has significantly reduced our packaging material while ensuring the integrity of our high-quality skincare products. We take sustainability seriously, and our unique Sterisol System is evidence of our efforts to make the world a better place.

A dispenser with hand sanitizer

Choosing the right hand disinfectant for the right occasion -Why EN tests are important!


Over the past few years of infection spread and the hard work to reduce it, many of us have likely tried different types of hand sanitizers. We all have our favorites, but perhaps we have also tried some that we found to be less effective. Many in the hygiene industry say that the best hand sanitizer is the one that does its job and is actually used where it is needed. But how do you know which one to choose?

A man is drawing an idea lamp on a glass board.

8 best tips when choosing a dispenser solution for soap and hand sanitizer


Choosing a solution for hygiene and skincare products can be a real jungle. With these simple tips, you will find the right solution that is best for your company

 Soap dispensers on a white tiled wall

Save time, money, and the environment -Tips for conscious choices of hygiene products and consumables!


Did you know that you can save time, money, and the environment by making conscious choices when it comes to hygiene and consumable products? By being clear about your business's specific needs and conditions, you can make calculations and see how you can save on what is most valuable for your company.

A man wearing a yellow safety helmet in an industrial facility.

The choice of skincare for the special needs within the metal industry


In the steel industry, many people get very dirty on their hands and arms in their work. It is important to choose products that make you clean immediately without drying out the skin. This is one of the many reasons why industries choose Sterisol as their skincare provider.