8 best tips when choosing a dispenser solution for soap and hand sanitizer

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19th of May 2023

Choosing a solution for hygiene and skincare products can be a real jungle. With these simple tips, you will find the right solution that is best for your company.

1. Why use dispensers for soap and hand sanitiser?

Why use dispensers at all? There are many good reasons, even if your business is small. Among other things, your surfaces will become much easier to clean and can be kept fresh for longer without bottles. In public facilities, it is also important to reduce the risk of theft. Another good reason is that you can reduce your plastic consumption by choosing a dispenser solution, which you can in turn use in your marketing! With Sterisol System, you can minimize your plastic consumption by about 80% compared to using a bottle with a pump. Read more here!

2. What are the specific needs of your business?

Do you have areas in your business where you work with production, hygiene safety or in an office? Make a list of your needs, and do not be afraid to demand too much, it will help both you and us as a supplier to find the right products for you. Sterisol has several different specialized ranges for different industries, so that you can always find the solution that best suits you.

3. How big do you expect your consumption of hygiene and skincare products to be?

Consider how many employees and visitors who are on your premises. It is also good to think about how large your spaces are. If you currently experience that you have to change refills very frequently, it will probably pay off to go up in size in your dispenser. Conversely, if you experience that the products become old before they are replaced, it may be a good idea to look at a system with smaller volume. The skincare products from Sterisol are available in sizes from 50ml to 5l.

4. Complement with a moisturizer

When you know what your specific needs are, it is good to think about what types of products you should look for to meet them. Are there areas in your business where dirt is present, where people need to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer very often? Then it is important to provide moisturizer to reduce the risk of skin irritations and eczema. Few people know this, but moisturizer is also important for hygiene reasons; viruses and bacteria spread more easily if the skin is dry and has cracks. Therefore, a dispenser solution where you can choose to add moisturizer refill is an investment in both the working environment and to prevent sick leave.

5. Dispenser system for your needs

Choose the dispenser system that best suits your maintenance requirements. Is it the staff themselves who change refills when they see that it is starting to run out, or do you have cleaning staff? Regardless, time is equal to money, and by choosing a system where you can see if the product is running out without opening the dispenser, you can save a lot of time. Most dispensers in the Sterisol System have transparent fronts, allowing you to see from a distance if a refill needs to be changed. If you do not have a public environment and risk of theft, there is no need to choose lockable dispensers, which can save a lot of time in key management.

6. Think about the environment and sustainability!

Far from all companies know that this is something you can also benefit from. By choosing a dispenser system that uses less plastic than the bottles/dispensers you have today, you can minimize consumption by several kilos/year if you have a large business. You can also reduce both weight and volume in terms of plastic waste. With Sterisol System, you can reduce your plastic consumption by about 80% compared to bottles with a pump. And thanks to the high emptying rate of 99% in the Sterisol System, you can significantly reduce soap waste. Read more here!

7. How much space do the products take up on your shelves and in your cleaning closets?

Several hygiene and skincare suppliers have made calculations on how much packaging material their products have per litre of pure product. The less packaging material, the easier the products are to transport and store. If your company orders by pallet, you can also calculate how many units or litres of product can fit per pallet. As a purchasing manager, that’s a nice figure to present!

8. Make a calculation

Do the full calculation and look to see how much you can save overall! By paying 50 cents more per hygiene product, maybe you can reduce your costs for plastic waste management, maintenance and cleaning time, as well as sick leave with a total of €2.