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Many have tried, but no one has yet succeeded in replicating the technology in our dispenser solution, Sterisol System. Sterisol System is the name of our complete dispenser solution, which, through its unique design, creates an unbroken value chain for customers, users, and the environment.

Several unique factors lay the foundation of Sterisol System being able to offer a packaging solution that reduces plastic consumption and waste while allowing skincare products to be preservative-free. Our refill pouches are made of thin but durable plastic film, and the skincare product poured into them is kept at a high temperature during filling, ensuring that no microorganisms can cause growth. Thanks to the airtight pump, a vacuum is maintained inside the pouch, and as it is emptied, it shrinks, achieving an emptying rate of 99%. Moreover, during product usage, no new microorganisms can enter through the airtight pump. Together, this eliminates the need for preservatives in most of our products.

Sterisol System - the solution with only advantages

  • Allowing you to actually use almost all the soap you paid for.
  • A refill pouch has lower plastic consumption compared to bottles due to the thin plastic film.
  • The soap mixture in the pouch maintains a temperature of 70°C during filling, preventing bacterial growth.
  • The airtight valve and pump construction with collapsible pouches prevent the entry of air, liquid, or bacteria.
  • Most of our products do not require preservatives, which is unique to Sterisol.
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  • The transparent caps on the dispensers allow you to see when the pouch is empty and needs replacement.
  • The simple and clean design ensures efficient maintenance, good drainage, and quick cleaning and drying of the dispensers.
  • Dispensers and holders are extremely durable and have an average lifespan of 7 years.
  • Most dispensers within the Sterisol System are dishwasher safe.
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Reduce plastic consumption today

Thanks to the thin laminates in the Sterisol System, businesses can significantly reduce their plastic consumption compared to using hygiene products in bottles. With vacuum-packed refill pouches, you also achieve an emptying rate of 99%, reducing waste and allowing you to use more of the soap you paid for. In a company with 500 employees, approximately 949 liters of soap are used per year, and by switching to Sterisol System, you can save 74kg of plastic and 90 liters of soap per year. This calculation is based on the average hand soap consumption in businesses that do not have specific needs for cleaning or hygiene in their operations. If you use heavy-duty soap, shower gel, or work in healthcare, even more savings can be achieved.

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Graphic representation of the difference between using Sterisol and another bottle.

Feel free to read the entire calculation or contact us, and let us help you calculate how much your business can save!

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How Does Sterisol System Work?

Comprehensive system for all needs and environments

Sterisol System includes a range of different sizes and formats of dispensers and pouches, along with several accessories that facilitate work in environments where hygiene is crucial. In addition to wall mounts, there are bed holders, floor stands, dispensers with forearm dosing, and more. This means that as a customer, you have access to a complete solution for all hygiene and skincare needs at work, from the operating room to the mining shaft, from the commercial kitchen to the office landscape.

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With a dosing pump and valve that open and close without allowing air and bacteria into the packaging, there is no need for preservatives. Therefore, our products are gentler on your skin.



Our packaging solution is based on a vacuum system with collapsible pouches that are emptied by more than 98%. This means that less product and packaging are wasted, which is better for the environment.



With a dosing pump and valve that open and close without allowing air and bacteria into the packaging, there is no need for preservatives. Therefore, our products are gentler on your skin.