Sustainability at the forefront since 1977

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Sterisol has been a pioneer in the development of sustainable skincare solutions for people at work since 1977.

We created the Sterisol® system to improve health and well-being in the workplace. Our unique packaging solution eliminates the need for unnecessary additives in our products and opens up new opportunities for sustainability. Today, Sterisol is a knowledge-driven company that helps its customers achieve long-term sustainability.

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Our expertise and solutions support our customers' ambition to actively work with the three sustainability perspectives: PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFIT (human, environmental, and organizational/operational profitability). By prioritizing these areas, we give our customers the opportunity to have a positive impact on health and society, minimize their carbon footprint, and drive economic success. We believe that a truly sustainable approach involves balancing individuals' well-being, the preservation of our planet, and the prosperity of organizations.

Sustainability of all parts

At Sterisol, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is embedded in our values and actions. We constantly strive to improve our products, processes, and partnerships to ensure that we contribute to a more sustainable future. By choosing Sterisol, our customers make a conscious decision to support a vision of a healthier, greener, and more profitable world.


We contribute to sustainability in the workplace

With a focus on industries where the demand for hygiene products and skincare is high, we provide our customers with both gentle and environmentally-friendly solutions. Our solutions contribute to a sustainable work life, optimal skin health, and minimize the risk of sick leave. Increasing awareness of environmental aspects is crucial for continuous improvements in this area, which is why our knowledge of sustainability and sustainable skincare plays a very important role.

  • We contribute to our customers' employees achieving good health and well-being.
  • We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint (CO2 emissions, water or material usage).
  • All our dialogues and product trainings with stakeholders include an environmental aspect.
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We create a sustainable future together with our customers

We are committed to taking responsibility for reducing our climate impact and promoting sustainability. To do this, we have taken several important steps to improve our energy and material efficiency. We continuously invest in environmentally friendly technology and energy-saving production processes, which help us reduce our energy consumption while producing high-quality products. By investing in such technologies and processes, we can reduce our environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

We also make sure to use production techniques that minimize our use of hazardous chemicals and other harmful materials, ultimately reducing waste and byproducts. Through strict quality control and process management in our production, we ensure that our products are safe for both people and the environment.

At Sterisol, we are committed to continuing to be a leader in sustainability and sustainable business practices, with the goal of creating a better world for all of us and preserving our planet for future generations. We are proud of our efforts and hope that our actions inspire our customers to take responsibility and make positive changes in their daily operations.

  • We contribute to helping our customers reduce their plastic consumption.
  • We contribute to helping our customers reduce their CO2 emissions.
  • We guarantee products and solutions that do not contain any hazardous chemicals or harmful materials and have a low carbon footprint.
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We save your resources and increase your profitability

We have always put the customer at the forefront and strongly believe that the success of a company is directly linked to customer benefit. By developing our hygiene and skincare solutions to contribute to improved health and reduced sick leave, we ensure that our customers' organizations become more profitable and productive.

With our extensive industry knowledge, we can offer tailored solutions that provide new dimensions of value for our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and challenges and are proud to offer innovative solutions that contribute to the success of their businesses. We believe in meeting the needs of our customers in the best possible way and through this, building a strong and lasting relationship with them.

  • We contribute to reducing sick leave, reducing costs, and increasing productivity by offering solutions that prevent the spread of infections and are effective.
  • By understanding our customers' specific needs and challenges, we can offer solutions that are customized for their businesses.
  • We are our customers' partner, we are long-term, and we build strong and lasting relationships where we focus on the benefits for our customers.
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