A Swedish knowledge company within skincare

A female researcher sitting at a table.

In-house development and expertise

With almost 50 years of experience in sustainable skincare, we have extensive knowledge of the needs within various industries, environments, and professions. This is knowledge we can offer because we drive our own development, with a laboratory and production located in the same place since our inception in 1977. With our long-standing experience and numerous partnerships in contract manufacturing, we also have a broad competence to apply within Private Label. This also means that we can meet the different industry's needs for testing, such as dermatological testing for all our cosmetic products and EN testing for hand sanitizers.

From the toughest dirt to sterile environments – the needs for cleaning and skincare differ greatly in a mine compared to a hospital, for example. That's why we have so many different products, from heavy-duty soaps that can scrub away almost anything, to hand sanitizers, eye wash, creams, and other products that do the important job of protecting, cleansing, and moisturizing the skin.

A doctor examining an arm with dry skin.

Always at hand

The proximity and presence in Sweden are, of course, a significant advantage for Swedish and Nordic partners. With us, customers can discuss their needs and solutions, visit the factory, and receive expert assistance regarding skincare and product selection. Being a Swedish company also means that we have full control over both content, production, and quality, in our own products as well as those we manufacture on behalf of contract manufacturing. Almost all of our suppliers are situated in Sweden. This also applies to the components and plastic details in dispensers and packaging, which are manufactured here in Vadstena and Mjölby.

An anonymous person pumping out a dollop of soap from a Sterisol dispenser.