Hygiene products for the food industry

A woman in a food manufacturing facility


The specific hygiene needs in the food industry

The requirements for hygiene are very high in the food industry. This includes preventing bacteria from being transferred to food. But also being able to wash off stubborn fats that have stuck to the hands during handling. When the requirements for hygiene are so high and frequent hand washing is necessary, it puts strain on the skin. Sterisol has actively worked for many years to understand the specific hygiene needs in the food industry. We also know that more than 20% of the population has dry or sensitive skin, which is a doubling since the beginning of the 80s. With repeated washing, there is a risk of skin problems, allergies, and eczema.

Cleaning cabbage from impurities


The choice of skincare system is a workplace issue

All preservatives in skincare products can cause allergies over time, with 4-6% of the population believed to be allergic to them. Therefore, the choice of skincare system in the workplace is a workplace issue. Our products are divided into three steps that protect, clean, and care for the skin, to prevent the occurrence of eczema and other skin problems. Sterisol System is based on collapsible bags that are so hygienic that no preservatives are needed. Since refill bags require significantly less plastic than bottles, we minimize the use of unnecessary plastics, as the environment is one of our highest priorities.

A woman in a food manufacturing facility