Contract manufacturing from idea to production

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In addition to our own solutions for sustainable skincare, we offer contract manufacturing and private label services for customers who want to ensure high quality and efficient production.

When you choose Sterisol as a business partner, you gain access to our in-depth knowledge and experience in skincare manufacturing, and also benefit from our innovative sustainability solutions, such as the Sterisol System - our unique packaging solution that minimizes waste and plastic usage.

Contract manufacturing, private label, OEM, manufacturing service - whatever you choose to call it, we offer a wide range and flexibility, both in terms of offerings and production. As a customer, you can turn to us no matter where you are in the journey towards a new skincare product, from idea to ongoing manufacturing. At Sterisol, we tailor solutions for our customers, whether it's packaging, production efficiency, or product quality. Through product development, we work together with our customers to minimize plastic consumption, waste, and other environmental impacts.

A Swedish "one stop shop"

Sterisol's operations are mostly based in Sweden. This allows us to work closely with our customers and offer accessibility and flexibility beyond the ordinary. Both our headquarters and factory are located in Vadstena, where we have facilities and expertise for the entire chain from idea to development and manufacturing - all under one roof:

  • Laboratory for product development of skincare, hair care, fur care (for pets), and cleaning products
  • Quality Control
  • Sterisol System - our unique packaging solution
  • Flexible skincare production with various packaging solutions such as bottles, tubes, and containers
  • Producer responsibility (in accordance with cosmetic regulations) and compliance
  • Various certifications and labels such as Nordic Swan Eco-label, EU Eco-label, Halal, Allergy Certified
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and obtained the EU Quality Assurance Certificate (MDR)
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With knowledge as the key ingredient

With Sterisol, you don't just get a supplier who performs an order or a task. You get a close partner who adds value by providing advice, suggestions, and solutions to most challenges that may arise. Sterisol provides you with the right conditions for your product to be as successful as possible. Our long history of sustainable skincare allows us to offer all aspects of product development, with knowledge support from our experts to develop the best possible product based on your requirements and preferences.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the choice of collaborations and suppliers, Sterisol is a natural choice because we can offer a unique combination: Skincare products that are effective while also being environmentally friendly and gentle on individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. You also have the assurance of efficient production and delivery reliability. There are many who can offer skincare manufacturing, but only one Sterisol Business Partner - with Swedish, sustainable production of the highest quality.

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