Hygiene products for offices and public environments

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When you want to prevent potential infections

In public facilities and offices, we often come into contact with many new people of all ages and work closely together. It is an advantage in many ways, but it also makes personal hand hygiene extra important. Another consideration is that a large part of the work takes place in very dry and well-ventilated environments. 20% of the population has dry or sensitive skin, which has doubled since the early 80s. This means that the need for functional skincare in the workplace is very high today.

Applying hand sanitizer to the hands


Protect, clean, and restore the skin

Sterisol's products are developed to work together and form a sustainable skincare system that promotes a healthy work environment. The products protect, clean, and restore the skin – that's what we call Skin Care at Work. For hand washing, we recommend our ÄKTA Liquid Soap, which has been approved in the high-standard test according to EU Standard EN1499. In this test, it has been proven to remove 99.9% of the tested microorganisms. This means that it has a reliably documented effect. Sterisol Hand Sanitizer effectively kills microorganisms on the skin, and the addition of glycerin in it also prevents skin dehydration. With our range of skin creams, you can also care for and protect your skin from strains.

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