The choice of skincare for the special needs within the metal industry

A man wearing a yellow safety helmet in an industrial facility.

19th of May 2023

In the steel industry, many people get very dirty on their hands and arms in their work. It is important to choose products that make you clean immediately without drying out the skin. This is one of the many reasons why industries choose Sterisol as their skincare provider.

Anyone who has been in the metal industry knows that there are quite specific conditions. In addition to getting quite dirty and being exposed to oils, there are often quite large temperature differences. Many of the Swedish metal industries are located in the north, and during mining, it can be raw, cold, and damp in the mine. Comparing with the smelters and finished product production, the temperature at the workplace can be very high. These are conditions that often take a toll on the skin. If cracks start appearing and the skin becomes dry, it becomes more difficult to get clean, and it can become a vicious cycle. Many of our customers usually talk about the importance of an effective heavy duty soap so that they only need to wash once and get clean. The effectiveness combined with gentleness on the skin is something that is associated with Sterisol.

Sterisol is associated with knowledge, sustainability, and skin health, but many industries say that they choose us simply because the products are the best.

The right product in the right place

There are a few products that have become synonymous with skincare in industries: coarse soap, hand cream, and shower soap. Thanks to working so closely with the majority of Swedish industries since the 1970s, we have been able to gain invaluable insight into their needs. Many of our customers emphasize the importance of placing cream near washbasins so that it is easily accessible. This prevents skin problems and infections and promotes sustainable skincare. Throughout the years of delivering skincare to industries, we have become recognized for providing gentle and preservative-free skincare with a pronounced sustainability perspective.

Industry tips:

  • Use Luphenil cream before work to make it easier to wash off dirt
  • Adapt the size of dispensers according to the volume consumed, so you don’t have to change so often if you have a high consumption of soap
  • Hang up industry soap, soap, and cream at each washbasin