Now we are minimizing the packaging and assembly material even more

Silver in the EcoVadis

25th of september 2023

Since our start in 1977, we at Sterisol have always worked to streamline our packaging solutions and offer the most sustainable design possible. It's in our nature! We also continuously strive to improve our products and make them even more sustainable for people, the environment, and organizations. We want our customers to be able to use our successes as their own.

-20 tons/year

-600 kg/year

During the month of September, we are implementing a change to our cassettes for refill bags within the Sterisol System, which allows us to reduce the weight of the cassettes by approximately 10g per unit. In one year, this means a total of 20 tons less cardboard material for just the cassettes! We are delighted to make such a significant improvement for the environment and hope that our customers can also benefit from it in their sustainability efforts.

We have also chosen to digitize our assembly instructions, which until now were included with every order of a new box of dispensers. You can now find the instructions on the respective product page for each dispenser, here on our website. By not printing these instructions on paper, we can save 600 kg of paper per year.

We are thrilled to make such substantial improvements for the environment and hope that our customers can also benefit from them in their sustainability efforts.