Save time, money, and the environment -Tips for conscious choices of hygiene products and consumables!

soap dispensers on a white tiled wall

19th of May 2023

Did you know that you can save time, money, and the environment by making conscious choices when it comes to hygiene and consumable products? By being clear about your business's specific needs and conditions, you can make calculations and see how you can save on what is most valuable for your company.

If you want to consciously work to save maintenance time, it is good to choose holders and dispensers where you can quickly see if something needs to be refilled. There are, for example, holders and dispensers that are fully or partially transparent or have a LED indicator. Another aspect that can save time is to choose holders and dispensers that are easy to clean and can be washed in a machine. If you have hygiene and skincare needs in wet areas, it is also important to consider drainage possibilities to facilitate cleaning. Imagine that during maintenance of a shower area, you only need to glance at the dispensers to see if any refills need to be changed! If you had to walk up to each dispenser and open them, the task would take much longer.

Can you really save money through aspects other than the price tag when choosing hygiene and consumable products? Yes, you can. It's about looking at the bigger picture! As a purchaser, you know that inventory management, waste management, and transportation costs can add up. One tip to influence inventory volume and waste management costs is to calculate how much packaging material a product has per liter or per unit. It may seem insignificant, but as a comparison, think about how a plastic soda bottle with a size of 0.5 liters weighs about 50g, while a soft plastic packaging of the same volume weighs somewhere between 5-15g depending on thickness. By minimizing the consumption of products packaged in hard plastic, you can also reduce the overall weight and volume of waste, which in turn can lower costs. Sterisol System is based on vacuum-sealed bags that shrink as you empty them. This means that the emptying degree is 8% higher than for bottles, and the waste volume is significantly lower. Read more here!

Inventory management is something that most purchasers work hard to minimize, but inventory volume can be equally important to be conscious of. There's a reason why flat packages dominate in many industries, for example. How many products do your suppliers deliver per carton/pallet? Calculate this and maximize your inventory volume!

When reading the above examples, it is easy to understand that you can also save a lot on the environment. Being able to profile yourself as an environmentally conscious and sustainable player is something that many companies strive for today. By making a conscious choice when it comes to suppliers' packaging materials, you can reduce plastic consumption and use it as a statement in your marketing. Using the example above, if you consume 1000 such products in a year, you can save an average of 40kg of plastic per year.