Sterisol ULTRA Shower Soap


ULTRA Shower Soap is a gentle and effective shower soap for cleansing the entire body. It has conditioning properties that leave the hair soft and smooth. This shower soap is mildly scented. The product is part of the Sterisol System, which uses airtight pouches to eliminate the need for preservatives in this particular product. The pouches are easy to replace, and the dispenser is easy to clean, simplifying maintenance for the facility.

ULTRA Shower Soap is:

  • Preservative-free - No unnecessary additives
  • Nordic Swan eco-labeled - Environmentally friendly
  • Silicone-free - Allows for easy cleaning of shower surfaces
  • Dermatologically tested - Safe and skin-friendly

ULTRA Shower Soap is suitable for environments where frequent showers occur. For example, in the food industry and heavy industry. Thanks to its effectiveness and gentleness, it provides a hygienic wash that is important in many industries while moisturizing the skin.

For Ingredients and specifications, see Product Data Sheet

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Sterisol ULTRA Shower Soap 2,5
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