Sterisol ÄKTA Liquid Soap


A truly excellent soap that combines high hygiene effectiveness with gentle ingredients. With carefully selected natural raw materials and fatty acids, the soap's mild surfactants provide a very gentle and effective hand wash. ÄKTA Liquid Soap has been developed from scratch in our factory in Vadstena and does not contain any added preservatives or other unnecessary additives.

Sterisol combines care and innovation in everything we do, which is why ÄKTA contains 95% natural ingredients. ÄKTA Liquid Soap is available in both mildly scented and fragrance-free options and has received the Nordic Swan eco-label thanks to its overall environmentally friendly mindset.

When hygiene is of utmost importance, it is also crucial to test how a soap performs in real-life situations. The EU has three standardization bodies that test products and protective equipment to determine their actual effectiveness. ÄKTA Liquid Soap has been approved in the rigorous EU Standard EN1499 test, where it has been shown to remove 99.9% of the tested microorganisms. This means it has a reliably documented effect!

The combination of the effectiveness in EN1499 and the eco-friendliness of the Svanen eco-label is completely unique. The fragrance-free variant is also Allergy Certified, which means it does not contain any known allergenic substances and is therefore extra gentle on the skin.

The product is part of the Sterisol System, which uses airtight pouches to eliminate the need for added preservatives in this particular product. The pouches are easy to replace, and the dispenser is easy to clean, simplifying maintenance for the facility.

For ingredients and specifications, please refer to the product datasheet

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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Allergy certfied



Product name
Sterisol Liquid Soap Tvål 0,375
Sterisol Liquid Soap Tvål 0,7


Product name
Sterisol Liquid Soap 0,375
Sterisol Liquid Soap 0,7