Sterisol Eye Wash 1L


Sterisol Eye Wash is a safe solution for eye health in the workplace. The 1-liter eye wash bottle has a continuous flushing time of 12 minutes. It can be easily placed near areas where there is a risk of splashes from hazardous substances or fragments from hard materials. For quick and intuitive access, they can also be stored near the hazard in Sterisol Eye Rinse 2-place stands or wall mounts for 5 bottles. It is easy to remove the bottle from the stand or wall mount and use them for rinsing while on the way to a doctor or a fixed eye rinse station. It is important for eye wash to be immediately accessible in risk areas and to be intuitively usable, i.e., unobstructed, without hassle, and during ongoing visual impairment.

According to the regulations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, eye rinse devices must be in immediate proximity to hazardous workplaces. It is therefore important that the injured person does not have to go a long way and that the path to the eye wash is clear, without obstacles. The injured person must be able to find and navigate to it themselves, perhaps without vision and with eye pain. When handling alkaline and other corrosive substances, the flushing device should be within arm's length.

  • All liquid reaches the eye in a continuous and even flow.
  • One bottle lasts a long time - 12 minutes of flushing.
  • Quick activation – a definite strike with the hand on the protective cover breaks the security seal.
  • Easy to carry - for rinsing the injured eye during transport to a fixed eye wash device or a doctor.

Sterisol® Eye Rinse is a medical device product. Sterisol's quality system for the production of medical device products complies with MDR Annex XI to MDR [Annex XI (Part A) to Regulation (EU) 2017/745]. Production of cosmetic products is carried out in accordance with ISO 1223/2009. The production facilities in our hygiene factory comply with the requirements of cleanliness class ISO 8.

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Eye Wash 1l Refill 10p
Eye Wash 1l 2p portable stand, sign
Eye Wash 1l 5p Wall bracket, sign