Effective Tips for Removing Tough Dirt from Hands and Preventing Skin Irritation - Expert Advice

Silver i EcoVadis

4th of january 2024

We often receive questions about how to remove tough dirt from hands, and especially how to avoid skin irritation when washing frequently to remove tough dirt. Many also wonder how long or how many times they should wash to get rid of everything. Thanks to our expertise and long experience, we can share the very best tips for getting completely clean without damaging the skin.

It's primarily about not washing your hands too many times because water and scrubbing can damage the skin. Ultimately, this means that you should choose a hand cleanser that is so effective that it removes all dirt on the first wash. But it's also important to do it correctly to get maximum effect from the product you are using.

Here's how:

  1. Apply to dry skin!
    Sterisol's heavy-duty soaps, ORIGINAL and SUPER, have optimally balanced formulations to tackle the dirt on your hands, and to begin with, no water is needed. Soaps are composed of a fat-soluble part that can bind to dirt, and a water-soluble part that allows dirt and soap to be rinsed off. To give the soap the best chance to combine with heavily soiled hands, it should be applied to dry skin. It's pure chemistry!
  2. Rub the product between your hands
    Loosen the dirt by rubbing the product against all parts of your hands and fingers, paying extra attention to the area around and under your nails. Industrial soap clings to tough dirt and grease, helping to lift it off the skin. Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser contains vegetable oils that nourish the skin and has a high percentage of natural ingredients. It also contains a friction agent made from Up-cycled corn cob, which is gentle on the skin and the environment, but tough on dirt.
  3. Add a little water and continue rubbing
    By adding only a small amount of water and continuing to rub, you give the heavy-duty soap a chance to loosen the dirt even more. Don't forget to rub extra around and under the nails.
  4. Rinse your hands thoroughly
    Rinse with water while massaging away the dirt from your hands. Rinse generously around the nails and in the skin folds. With these steps, you have the best conditions for successfully removing really stubborn dirt on the first try, and it's important to avoid drying out the skin. Finish by using a moisturizing skin cream that helps moisturize and aid in skin recovery.

We have created a simple guide for these steps. Click on the leaflet to download it!