Sterisol Ecoline Dispenser 0,375l


Our sleek Ecoline dispensers are elegant holders within the Sterisol System that are completely unique in their kind. They have a compact appearance and fit well in modern offices and restrooms. They also enable intuitive use, thanks to their simple functionality, and fit into everyday life, which is important for accessible hygiene. The Ecoline series has benefits that make it highly appreciated from several perspectives.

  • Environmental benefits: Significantly less plastic consumption compared to bottles of the same size.
  • Hygiene benefits: Sterisol System with air- and bacteria-tight bags that minimize the need for preservatives and other additives, easy to use, and always dispenses 2ml for your hygiene safety.
  • Design benefits: Modern sleek Scandinavian design, manufacturing takes place in Sweden.
  • Maintenance benefits: Clean lines - easy to clean, easy and quick refill change.

Ecoline in the black color is available with text prints Soap, Hand Disinfectant, Creme, and Shower. All bags for the products in the Ecoline series have a size of 375ml and refills are available from all our product lines within the Sterisol System.

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Product name
Sterisol Ecoline Dispenser 0,375l Soap
Sterisol Ecoline Dispenser 0,375l Hand Disinfectant
Sterisol Ecoline Dispenser 0,375l Shower
Sterisol Ecoline Dispenser 0,375l Creme