Sterisol Lockable Dispenser, stainless steel, 0.7L


The Lockable Dispenser within the Sterisol System in size 0.7L is entirely made of robust and stainless steel. It has a sleek design and is very suitable for environments where an extra durable dispenser that needs to be locked is needed. This solution reduces the risk of theft and littering. The dispenser is locked with the included key.

The Sterisol System is based on air- and bacteria-tight bags, which minimize the need for preservatives and other additives in the products. This allows us to offer high-quality skincare products that reduce the risk of skin problems and achieve an emptying rate of 99%, while significantly reducing plastic consumption compared to pump bottles.

The sloping design allows water to drain off, is easy to clean, can be machine washed, and is therefore very hygienic.

Measurements: Height 260 mm x Width 102 mm x Depth 140 mm.

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Product name
Sterisol Lockable Dispenser, stainless steel, 0.7L