Sterisol Dispensers, Elbow dosing 0,7 L


Sterisol Dispenser with Elbow dosing is a dispenser collection within the Sterisol System that is available with a metal or plastic arm. It is an extra hygienic solution that is highly suitable for workplaces that demand high standards of hand hygiene because it allows for elbow and forearm dosing, thus avoiding contact with hands.

The long dispensing arm also increases accessibility for those with reduced mobility or functional variations. The closed variants of the dispenser have a transparent cover, allowing you to see which of Sterisol's skincare products is inside. It is also easy to see when the bag is empty and needs to be replaced without lifting any cover. This enables the use of different types of Sterisol products in size 0.7L in the same dispenser and allows for easy switching as desired. Among the elbow dispensers, there is also the Steel Wire Dispenser 0.7L, which is an open dispenser. It can be advantageously used where hygiene is particularly important, as it can be autoclaved.

The Sterisol System is based on air- and bacteria-tight bags, which minimize the need for preservatives and other additives in the products. This allows us to offer high-quality skincare products that reduce the risk of skin problems and achieve an emptying rate of 99%, while significantly reducing plastic consumption compared to pump bottles.

The 0.7L elbow dispensers are suitable for workplaces such as healthcare and the food industry, where handwashing is frequent and thorough, as the product inside does not need to be replaced as often.

Measurements: Height 200 mm x Width 115 mm x Depth 120 mm.

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Product name
Sterisol Dispenser Elbow dosing 0,7l plastic
Sterisol Dispenser Elbow dosing 0,7l metal
Sterisol Dispenser Elbow dosing 0,7l wire bracket