Sterisol Hand Disinfectant Rinse/Preop


Hand Disinfectant Rinse/Preop is based on pharmaceutical-grade ethanol that kills microorganisms on the skin. To be as gentle as possible on the skin, it contains a glycerin additive. The hand disinfectant is developed for use in healthcare settings and contains an oil that facilitates the donning of gloves without leaving traces on the skin. It does not contain any thickening agents.

Start by cupping your hands and dispensing enough disinfectant to cover both hands, about 3ml. Then, rub the hand sanitizer between your palms, fingers, and around fingertips and nails until hands are dry. Time required is approximately 30 seconds. Repeat once more for a result that meets the requirements of EN 1500 and EN 12791.

80% w/w, 85% v/v alcohol.

Meets requirements according to: EN 1500 and EN 12791.

Sterisol Hand Disinfectant Rinse/Preop is available in the 0.7L format, which is part of the Sterisol System with airtight hygienic bags with a very high emptying rate of 99%, while keeping plastic consumption low. It is also available in a 5L container.

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Product name
Sterisol Hand Disinfectant Rinse/Preop 0,7l
Sterisol Hand Disinfectant Rinse/Preop 5l