Sterisol Dispenser 0.7 L


Our classic dispenser for the Sterisol System in size 0.7L is very popular for its functionality and maintenance advantages. Thanks to the stable dosage pressure, achieved by pressing vertically, it is very easy for people of all ages to dispense from it.

The dispenser has a transparent cover, allowing you to see which of Sterisol's skincare products is inside. It is also easy to see when the bag is empty and needs to be replaced without lifting the lid. This enables the use of different types of Sterisol products in size 0.7L in the same dispenser, and they can be easily switched as desired.

The Sterisol System is based on air- and bacteria-tight bags, which minimize the need for preservatives and other additives in the products. This allows us to offer high-quality skincare products that reduce the risk of skin problems and achieve a emptying rate of 99%, while significantly reducing plastic consumption compared to pump bottles.

The 0.7L dispenser is suitable for workplaces where handwashing is frequent and a versatile and functional skincare solution is needed. For example, within manufacturing industries, food industries, and healthcare. It is also appreciated as a dispenser for shower products in changing rooms for swimming pools and sports halls, as the design allows water to drain off and it is easy to clean, thus ensuring hygiene safety.

Height 200 mm x Width 115 mm x Depth 120 mm.

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Product name
Sterisol Dispenser 0,7l White
Sterisol Dispenser 0,7l Black