Luphenil Pre- & After Work Creme


Luphenil Pre- & After Work Cream is a product that is a favorite at work for many. It’s beneficial to use both before starting a work shift and after the end of the workday. Luphenil is ideal for those who expose their skin to stubborn dirt or moisture that causes dryness. Thanks to its non-greasy formula, it stays on the skin, preserving the skin's oil balance for a longer time.

Luphenil is very pleasant to use, a little goes a long way, and it is easily absorbed by the skin. It also functions as a problem solver for extremely dry skin and dry patches. The product is developed to protect the skin barrier using carefully selected ingredients, and it comes in a 50 ml tube that is easy to carry anywhere. Perfect for those with a mobile job. Fragrance-free.

For Ingredients and specifications, see Product Data Sheet

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Product name
Luphenil Pre- & After Work Creme, 50ml