Sterisol SENSE Rinse Hand Disinfectant


SENSE Rinse Hand Disinfectant is designed for hygienic hand disinfection in healthcare and care settings. The product does not contain any thickening agents and can be used regularly and in large quantities without leaving residue on the skin, making it easy to wear gloves. It is a liquid alcohol-based hand disinfectant where the base is pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, denatured with isopropanol and t-Butanol. To prevent dry skin, a fatty alcohol and glycerin are included. Fragrance-free.

Total alcohol content: 71% w/w, 77% v/v

The product meets the requirements for:

EN 1500 - Hygienic hand disinfection - Contact time 30 s
EN 13727 - Bactericidal - Contact time 30 s
EN 13624 - Yeasticidal - Contact time 30 s
EN 14476 - Against enveloped viruses - Contact time 15 s

Sterisol SENSE Rinse is part of the Sterisol System, which includes airtight hygienic bags with a very high emptying rate of 99%, while keeping plastic consumption low.

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Product name
Sterisol SENSE Rinse Hand Disinfectant 0,7l